27 August, 2007

New Fruit - Manzana de Agua

One of the many things I love about Latin America is all of the fruits that are available that you can't find (or easily find) in the US.

Last night after church we went to the house of a family that lives near us in our bario, San Francisco de dos rios. They are wonderful people and extremely helpful as we learn to become Ticos.

While we were visiting their home, they introduced us to a fruit none of us had tried before, Manzana de agua. In English it would be "water apple". Wow. Delicious. It is roughly the shape of a small pear with a one large seed inside. My wife described the taste as like eating a sweet smelling flower. Our kids loved them too.

We will be hunting for these when we go to the feria (local farmers market) next weekend!!


filafresh said...

wow!!!!!! i thought i was the only one with a passion for this great fruit. its been about 24 years since I've had one. the last time i went to costa rica. thank you for the image you made my mouth water..... love costa rican fruit.

Alicia Kennedy said...

My husband and I both ate one while we were on our honeymoon in Costa Rica in May and he's been talking about them ever since. I wish I could find some around here!

√Āngela Castro said...

Well I'm from Colombia but I don't remember the name of that fruit ;O

michelle said...

I have not been to Costa Rica in almost 18 years, but i remember grawing up in Turrialba and sitting in front of my grandmothers house eatting mazanas de agua and letting the juice run down the sides of my mouth...oohh memories ;-)

edcb007 said...

I am from the Dominican Republic and there we know it as "cajuil Soliman". It is indeed a most delicious fruit

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