24 September, 2007

Waiter, there's a gecko in my shower...

Does anyone remember that little skit on Sesame Street? Where the muppet with the bald blue head orders some soup and then explains to the waiter (Grover) that there is a fly in his soup?


Tonight I heard some mild screaming coming from our front bathroom. Keeley was about to give our girls a shower (since there are no bathtubs here) and before they got in they noticed a little visitor was already in the shower.

There in the corner of our tile shower was a small gecko, about 3 inches long.

We were able to scoop him up into a little plastic aquarium we have. The girls have had a great time looking at him. Geckos are very common here, but this is the first one we have found in our house. They eat the bugs that we don't want, so he is a welcomed friend.


amanda said...

Hey there. We missed you at the Summit.
Enjoy your new pet!
amanda jolley

Ryan B said...

Hi Amanda. We missed being at the Summit too, thanks. We have been following along online, and while it is better than nothing, it is not nearly as good as being there.

We need to find out how to care for and feed these cute little guys. :-)

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