17 January, 2008

But I cooked that just for you!

This time of being at Language School has taken our normal family routine and turned it on its ear. Schedules have changed, free time has changed, and roles within the home have been adjusted significantly.

One of my newly acquired responsibilities is to cook breakfast for the family on weekdays before we go to school. Now before you go and feel too sorry for my wife and daughters, you need to know that my cooking is not too bad. I like to cook and actually have a fairly extensive list of things I can make, considering my gender. So each weekday morning I am challenged to find something tasty, nutritious, and quick to prepare.

It has come to my attention that there is a somewhat negative scenario that can occur when you are responsible for preparing a meal for people. I have actually discussed this scenario with my wife before, but in that instance I was the giving end instead of the receiving end.

What happens is this: The person responsible for preparing the meal uses their mind and hands to lovingly craft some delectable representation of culinary art. The food is carefully served to the intended benefactors, and the proud artisan awaits with bated breath for them to taste of their masterpiece. And then it happens.

- I'm not very hungry
- I'm not feeling well, I'm not going to eat
- This doesn't look very good

These and other possible statements are the dagger thrust into the heart of the chef.

Now I am quite sure that I have thrust many more of these daggers than I have ever received, but a week ago I got stabbed.

Usually the dagger thrusters aren't even aware of the wound they have inflicted. Rarely is it done intentionally, and many times it passes without them realizing anything has even happened.

But for the person who poured themselves into the preparation, only to have it sit untouched and unappreciated, it can be a painful experience.

Obviously, I have embellished the story a bit, but the scenario is certainly a real one. When it happened to me recently, it got me to thinking about my relationship with my Heavenly Father.

I wondered, since I am made in the image of God (or at least the original pattern was...), does God feel like this whenever I don't utilize that which He has lovingly prepared for me? Perhaps hours of theological debate could be had over this question, but the moral of the story for me is still the same.

God has given to us as Christians so much. His provision out of a heart of love for his children is magnificent. But how often do I leave God's provision for me on the table, untouched and unappreciated.

Specifically, God has impressed upon me the importance of putting on the spiritual armor provided in Ephesians chapter 6. The armor is there, lovingly crafted and prepared for us to benefit from, but many times I do not take advantage of his provision. Now if God has provided for my protection, but I leave the armor in the closet and consequently get shot in the chest by a fiery dart, who do I have to blame?

God promises and provision are so great, I could make a long, long list of things He has set on the table for us to partake of. How many of those things am I "eating" and benefiting from?

And to take it even further, how do I make God feel when He has lovingly provided for me and then I walk away from it without so much as a taste?

My eyes have been opened to the importance of showing appreciation to those that prepare food for my consumption. But more importantly my eyes have been opened to the importance of utilizing all of the provision of God, not just the flavor that sounds good to me at the time.

What provision have you left on the table untouched?

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Pastor Bulldog said...

I cooked and cleaned and stuff when Helen was home from the hosopital and had to stay down. I have a recipe for potato ealad pie, if you would like it. It's handy when you find that you make more potato salad than containers so you put it into a Tupperwar pie container for mixing.
I am so intrigued and impressed by how you and Keeley have set up your communication and internet outreach system. Marketing must be in your background as it was in mine.
How is Constant Contact working for you? Your whole ministry reeks of success. Please know that we are praying for you and your struggles with language school and new family situations.
Love, Bob and Helen Adams

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