18 November, 2008

A Family Favorite Video

This video is one our girls favorite to watch. In case you weren't clear on the plot of Star Wars, this little girl will clear things up for you. Enjoy!


aaron.duckworth said...

The best line is about when Obi Kenobi is "teaching Luke how to do his little light up sword and how to block the little pokey ball."

Awesome. Atta girl! It restores my hope for future generations. You could almost call it A New Hope.

Ryan B said...

The pokey ball line is one of our favorites too. Ella recites it at random times throughout the day.

We like the warning against talking back to Darth Vader too.

Keeping an Eye on Paraguay said...

That is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time! That girl is a riot... I can't wait until she does a commentary on the Six Sense!


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