02 January, 2009

Culture Pop Quiz

Are you ready?

You are in El Salvador at a New Years Day celebration for your local church.  It is a park with a swimming pool and the kids are having a great time.  Your host family feeds you a wonderful plate of food which you eat completely leaving you very full and satisfied.  Several minutes later, another very nice lady from the church offers you another full plate of food that she has just prepared.

What do you do?

A. Politely tell her you have just eaten and you are very full already, but that you appreciate the offer.

B. Graciously accept the plate of food but do not actually eat it.

C. Graciously accept the plate of food and somehow manage to consume all of it.

Please post your answer below in the comments.  For my next post I will tell you what I did do, and what I should have done.  Good luck!


aaron.duckworth said...

If I was here in the US I would go for A. If I were there I would likely go for C and take as much time as possible trying to choke it down without rupturing something.

aaron.duckworth said...
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johnmclamb said...

I'm with Aaron- in the US, "A" would work. That said, I would have done a "B" and "C" combo. I would have taken it and eaten some of it, and then looked for a graceful way to discard the rest. Here's a trick I now use- I always "share" my plate with the boys- it is easier to spread it around that way.

Jenny McLamb, Peru said...

I say "C" and then I would have asked John to help me!! :) Or shared with the boys, like John said- who can blame a kid for not finishing the food?? Tough call, bubs!! :)

Tell Keeley I love her and I'm praying for her!! :)

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