25 February, 2009

A world built for shorter people

I live in a world built for shorter people.

While at 6' 2" I may be a bit above average height in the United States, here in El Salvador I am a freakishly tall giant.

Some examples:
  • This picture is of a door way in our newly constructed house. It is one of several in the house that have inflicted damage on my un-ducked head
  • I went to a store to buy a desk for my office and could not find one tall enough to fit my knees under
  • While driving a friend's pickup truck at night, I had to duck down to have a view of the road that was not made pitch black by the narrow strip of dark tinting across the top of the windshield
  • I have to stoop over to wash dishes in our kitchen sink or to prepare food on the counter top. (Are there any chiropractors in Gotera, El Salvador???)
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Abby said...

So I need to move to Latin America? Got it! (-;

Miss you guys! Your new house is AMAZING! And the view?

Thank goodness you do not have any pictures of mangoes....oh the mangoes....

Evangelist Timothy P Posey said...

You forgot that every mirror in almost every bathroom cuts you off at the chest if they have a bathroom and a mirror.

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