02 April, 2009

Taekwondo Classes

Avigail and I started taking Taekwondo classes together tonight.

Each Tuesday and Thursday evening from 4:30 to 6:30 we will go and learn and sweat with a group mostly made up of young kids. The class is taught by a nice guy named Walter. It is obvious that Walter knows his stuff and he is very patient with the kids. The classes are quite a bargain at a mere $6 per month.

The first class tonight showed me exactly how out of shape I am, but I had a great time. Aside from being stared out because I am a tall, white, bald gringo, I am also by far the oldest student. The instructor told me there was no age limit, so here I am.

Both Avigail and I are really excited about the classes and it will be great time spent together as well. Stay tuned for more adventures in Korean martial arts in Spanish.

1 comment:

The McClain's said...

Sure hope there are pictures to come ;) heehee
That sounds so cool and will surely be a blessing for years to come for you and Avigail both!

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