05 May, 2010

Do You Like Milk?

I like milk, a lot.  A tall glass of cold milk, a big bowl of cereal with milk, or a delicious piece of Tres Leches cake, I really like milk.

But I have a problem.  According to the doctors, I have a condition that causes my body to react to milk in an unpleasant way.  Yes, they say I have a milk allergy.

After drinking milk, my nose begins to fill with congestion and my throat begins to develop a thick coating.  It is not a pleasant experience.  For this reason, I have always avoided drinking much milk or eating foods containing a lot milk.  It is a high price to pay, but what can I do?

Living here in El Salvador, we have eaten a variety of things that we had never tried before.  One of the more exotic things I ate here was a type of lizard called a Garrobo.  It tastes like chicken of course.  But another thing we have enjoyed here is raw milk (yep, straight from the cow).  We tried it the first time when we got some from our neighbors that have a bunch of cows behind our house.

Raw milk is so delicious!  Creamy, tasty, and satisfying.

And possibly the best thing about raw milk is that it does not cause me an allergic reaction. Incredible huh?

Processed milk causes me an allergic reaction, but the raw milk does not.  So what is in the processed milk that causes the allergic reaction in my body?  I still don't know for sure what it is, but I know for sure that something that happens to the milk during the processing is guilty of causing my allergy.

So, do I really have an allergy to milk?  I don't think so.  What I do have is an allergy to something added to the milk during the processing.

This idea caused me to think about things that are added in.

There are people that appear to have an intense and unpleasant reaction to God and Jesus.  Of course, they must decide personally what they are going to think about God and Jesus, but do you think that it is possible that the unpleasant reaction they have to God and Jesus isn't actually an unpleasant reaction to God and Jesus, but rather an unpleasant reaction to something added to God and Jesus?

Is it possible that we as Christians are adding things to the image of God and Jesus that we present to the people all around us?  Are we causing in them an allergic reaction to God because we have misrepresented the fact of who the God of the Universe really is?

We cannot represent God if we do not know Him well.  Do you know the God of the Universe well?  We can know Him by spending time with Him in His Word.

Teach us Lord who you really are.  Help us Lord to represent you to the people how you really are in truth, without adding anything else that might cause in them an allergic reaction.

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