23 June, 2010

Book Review - Crazy Love, by Francis Chan

Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless GodI just recently finished ready the book Crazy Love, by Francis Chan.  I was greatly challenged by this book to love God with abandon and with action.

Before reading the book I was concerned about it being too "touchy-feely" and not being firmly founded in the scripture.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that neither of my concerns were founded.  The approach that Francis Chan takes is very practical and very well rooted in the scriptures.  There were a handful of references that I felt were "stretched" a bit in order to support the idea being communicated, but these were few and far between.  Most of the concepts are clearly found in God's Word, but sadly seldom lived out in our lives as followers of Jesus Christ.

While reading the New Testament, one cannot help but be confronted with the idea of ministering to the poor.  For many years I have seen this clearly in the scriptures but have never acted upon it.  My tendency is to fall on the side of the skeptic, always assuming the poor person is either a con-artist or could just change their situation by making better decisions.  So how am I following the example and teaching of Jesus when it comes to ministering to the poor and needy?  I am not.  And that needs to change.

Rather than provide a blanket solution for every believer to blindly follow, Chan is careful to encourage the reader to seek out God's specific direction for them in regards to living out their love for the Father.

This book has encouraged me to seek out the specific ways God would have me to minister to others with the resources He has entrusted to my care.  Not just to be convicted about it, but to me moved to action.

This is a book I would highly recommend.  It is an easy read that propels you from one chapter to the next while maintaining a depth of content that will challenge you to live your life differently.

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